Monday, April 27, 2015

"Beautiful Shadows"

This one has been the works for a while and it has been the most requested blog! LOL Better late than never, I guess! ;-)

Many now have seen my music video for Beautiful Shadow's & I often hear, "It's so emotional, what's it about?"

Well, that's a complex answer.  In the beginning, it started off as a goofy little melody I made to cheer up a great friend of mine.  My friend had been going through a rough patch and was in need of distraction, so this melody came into being.  It was just the right amount of "goofy" and had to be written down.  So, I grabbed my famous blue song book & jotted down the melody, thinking that one day we would look back at it and laugh.

Time passed.  Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months eventually became years.  I regrettably lost contact with my friend as I had my accident.  I didn't want anyone to see me in that condition, sitting in a wheel chair, struggling in a walker, withering away in pain.  I was ashamed & embarrassed.  (That was a mistake that I still regret to this day.)

One day, shortly after we moved, I found my blue songbook.  As I was going through the pages, I found the melody and couldn't remember for the life of me what the song was about.  So, I sat behind old piano and played out the melody.

To my surprise, hearing that song reminded me of everything that happened that night I wrote it! But, it made me miss my friend.  Over the next few days, I found some new motivation for the melody and it became a full song.  I played it for others, including a piano student of mine who then encouraged me to record it.

I couldn't just do that.  I really didn't feel right about producing it without the permission of the person it was intended for.  Up until this point, I would get an occasional text or message, but I felt like I was a stranger all over again.

So, I told everyone that I would only record it if I had permission, thinking that I would never hear anything back or get an "I don't remember it" response.  Case closed, no recording, nothing to worry about, right? Wrong.

My friend responded fast and knew exactly what night I was talking about!  As to my question about receiving permission to record it, I publicly got this:  "#youbetter"

You better? That couldn't be more perfect motivation from someone who knows me so well, despite our time apart! I was now obligated to with my dignity on the line! So, that conversation turned into this:

But what does Beautiful Shadow's mean? Aren't shadows usually dark & scary? How can they be beautiful?

Easy.  Shadows can only exist where there is light.  It means that someone is shining so bright, that everywhere around them, shadows are being cast of all the people who share in that light.  Be it friends, family, supporters or even a random person who smiled & made your day.  Those.  Those are beautiful shadows.  That was my friend who overcame so much to shine so brightly.

Think of it this way, remember when you were kids? Remember when you and your friends used to make shadow figures on the wall using a flashlight or turned-over lamp? It was simple, yet fun.  That's what Beautiful Shadow's is all about! It starts off with that simple goofy little melody (after some cleaning up & sustain) and builds into something grand.

Then there's the bridge part, where everything seems tense to the point where the song breaks & nearly turns silent. You're left with a quiet version of the chorus, almost haunting what was once so grand.  That's what happens in life when things get too complicated.  Things become so difficult that you just shut down like I did after my accident. You can still hear the echo of what things used to be, quietly haunting us.

But at the same time, it reminds you of how everything was so simple in the beginning.  When you realize that things aren't so complicated, everything becomes better & the chorus hits you again in full force with a little extra something!

As the song winds down, it serves as a reminder that sometimes you have to return to the simpler things in life to get the best out of it.  You can be the brightest light out there, but you need those who support you, casting their own beautiful shadows.  Without them, you'll burn out and disappear.

Dedicated to my friend, thanks for not letting me disappear & I'm proud of you!

What's coming up for "Beautiful Shadow's?"

Beautiful Shadow's is getting a studio make over!  .....but that's all I can say about it now as things are in the works that are "sensitive" in nature and have to be kept under wraps in order to hopefully happen! As soon as I can tell you all (fingers crossed!), you'll be the 2nd to know! After my friend, of course!


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